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Take Flight: Introducing Nobelus and LuxeFilm's Jeff Truan

Packaging Experience Summit
September 26, 2018

We caught up with Jeff Truan, Strategic Account Manager at Nobelus and LuxeFilms, and guest speaker at Packaging Experience Summit. With over 19 years of experience in the industry, Jeff is an expert in navigating the world of laminate films.

In anticipation of Packaging Experience Summit on March 19 –20, 2019, we are highlighting our all-star speaker lineup of experts, influencers, and leaders in the packaging and digital print industry.  

Today we caught up with Jeff Truan, Strategic Account Manager at Nobelus and LuxeFilms. With over 18 years in the specialty finishing and thermal laminating industry, Jeff understands the needs and challenges of the commercial print, packaging, photo, and publishing worlds.​

How did you get into packaging, and what excites you about this industry?

For years, I worked in the laminate films industry — mostly as a machine operator and then moving into management. In 2005, we saw a distinct need in the market as we began to open our doors to sell laminate films into the folding carton, Rigid, and book industries, which were thirsting for something new. Our first big break came in 2007 with a new product launch of Karess Softouch, and the immediate take-up from both the book and rigid box industry — it was phenomenal! From there, I continue to stay excited as I see something so different in packaging as opposed to other areas that have remained static. Packaging, due to its rapidly growing interaction with humans, continues to reinvent itself, creating unique products all the time. This type of innovative infestation in an industry can only lead to increased relevance as the flywheel turns faster!

What makes LuxeFilms different from other specialty laminate film brands in the industry?

Simply put, it is our commitment to innovation and execution of new products. We commit to our partners to bring to market three new laminate films every single year — which seems a monumental task. Our client base loves this, as we are essentially taking care of their needs for innovation for them, and they continue to challenge us with more difficult needs and asks on a regular basis.

What creative opportunities do specialty laminates offer for packaging designers?

The most amazing thing for designers (and I hear this first hand from them) is that a laminate film can change the visual and tactile properties and appeal to the consumer so significantly, that a package takes on an entirely different form. I had the privilege of working on a brand recently, and within an hour, we ran the same artwork with four different laminates — each one creating yet a different customer experience to a different style of clientele. When you have eight or ten different laminates you can utilize, it means you can create one piece of art, and make it look eight or ten different ways just by simply changing what is on top of it!

What's your favorite example of a brand creatively using specialty laminate film for their packaging?

I must say, I love the way that Dell has used our ScuffProof product to make a serious impact on some of their solid black Alienware boxes. The best part about it is that they not only laminate the top sheet, but they foil stamp it, and then spot varnish it — to make a serious value added piece!

What is one key takeaway you hope to impart at Packaging Experience Summit 2019?

Laminate films are like a best kept secret ... brands don't know about them and how they can impact their product environmentally. It seems that those that do know about them view them negatively. My job, is to impart some small piece of the excitement around how using certain laminates is actually MORE friendly to the environment, and at the same time reducing waste while enhancing the brand's image.THAT is what gets me juiced, when someone starts to see the light!

To meet Jeff and listen to him speak in person, register for Packaging Experience Summit today before register closes on March 11, 2019!

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