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PX Summit 2019 Sponsor Spotlight: Georgia-Pacific Masterliner

Packaging Experience Summit
September 26, 2018

Learn more about Georgia-Pacific Masterliner and the company’s key role in the packaging industry.

We’re incredibly grateful for the valuable partnerships of our 2019 event sponsors that made Packaging Experience Summit 2019 possible, including Georgia-Pacific Masterliner. We chatted with the team to learn more about the company’s key role in the packaging industry.

What is Georgia-Pacific Bleached Board's mission and how does the company's products and services support brands?


By leveraging our strong network of people, experiences, and resources, Georgia-Pacific Bleached Board is creating an economically and socially sustainable industry. As a company, we’re shaped by sound judgment, we’re shaped by drive and innovation, and because of who we are, we’re shaping what’s to come. The Shape of Things to Come starts and ends with the customer and brand experience in mind, and our products and services are built accordingly.


What emerging challenges does Georgia-Pacific Bleached Board see in the packaging marketplace and how is the company adapting to meet these needs?


As society continues to further define sustainability from a consumer perspective, a key challenge – or opportunity – for packaging suppliers is to help define what good looks like from a sustainability perspective. At Georgia-Pacific, we define sustainability as “meeting the needs of society today without jeopardizing our ability to do so in the future.” It’s a thoughtful way to address the here and now, while planting seeds for future generations. And at GP, we’re doing it every day.

Our Bleached Board Masterliner product portfolio addresses sustainability in a multi-faceted approach. First, we offer board grades that achieve higher strength at lower basis weights. That means less fiber going into each package – without jeopardizing exceptional print quality and package integrity. Second, we offer grades for the aqueous inkjet digital print market that eliminates the need for bonding agent, thus, reducing the overall cost and further enabling the digital print transformation in packaging.


What sets Masterliner apart as a corrugated substrate, and what applications is it best suited for?


Masterliner™ is a fully bleached linerboard that is best suited for corrugate applications that service brands seeking an extra “pop” factor. Whether on shelf, as part of a display, or helping to deliver a brand experience to customers’ doors, Masterliner offers remarkable whiteness, brightness, and aesthetic appeal that can be a brand’s blank canvas.  

For Masterliner with ColorPRO, that blank canvas is now digital-print ready for aqueous inkjet presses such as the HP C500. By eliminating the need for bonding agent on press, Masterliner with ColorPRO helps add to a business’ bottom line while growing in the exciting digital space!


What's next for the future of packaging and what must brands do to stay ahead of their competition?


With the adoption and growth of digital printing in the packaging market, technology has the opportunity to play a larger role in the brand experience than ever before. From geo-tagging packaging to enabling a VR experience, the only limit to what a package can do will be defined by the limits of brand owners’ or graphic designers’ imaginations. To stay ahead of competition, brands should continue to look at consumer-friendly technologies, nurture a sense of innovation, and find suppliers who can be preferred partners and help create The Shape of Things to Come for their brand and their business.

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